Let's Work

01. Design

Interviews and specifications are stored in Markdown files and mermaid diagrams. Obsidian is my knowledge management system for connecting things together. It's time to translate your ideas into prototypes, components and animations with Figma and Inkscape.

Design Skills

02. Setup

On my XUbuntu I use VS Code, Git, NodeJs and Vite as the core of the build system. If we're building a website, let's use Astro; for a mobile application, Expo is the one we need. We can even opt for a clean architecture in monorepo projects using NX tools.

Setup Skills

03. Front-End

I use the rich Javascript and React ecosystem. For animations and rapid presentation prototyping, let's take Tailwind. I break the application into components, then secure it with TypeScript and Zod. To get a quality (and maintainable) application, I use Jest and Cypress to run the tests.

Front-End Skills

I build

I make
Real-time applications

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