Art is beautiful, period.

It can provide unique and multidimensional experiences, resonating with our feelings, perceptions and thoughts. That's why I've been working in software arts for over 10 years, exploring embedded systems, creative frameworks, and a dozen programming languages. My artistic projects have been exhibited in Brussels, Dakar, Montreal, Dubrovnik, Neuss, Tunis, Dublin, Paris and more. It was a lot of fun with nice people! If this side interests you, consider visiting my artistic projects on jeromeabel.net.

Software development is a collective and organic exploration of humanity.

Today, I am fully launching into the field of web development with a first specialty in front-end. I just finished a year-long learning program at OpenClassrooms, where I learned all the modern tools for creating modern, responsive websites: learning skills, writing technical specifications, CSS, Sass, creating prototypes in Figma, writing unit and integration tests, modern JavaScript and design patterns, making web apps with React and Redux.

I look forward to growing in this field with brilliant people and engineers!

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My Way Of Doing

Illustration User


As a software developer, my main job is to create an application tailored to the user’s needs. It is not an easy task !

To provide the best user experience, I appreciate all kinds of interactions and movements in the life of the project.

This surely comes with a certain feeling of accessibility, because the user can be anyone. And that’s the beauty: User-centered development can be human-centered.

Illustration Creativity


Problem solving is part of the developer journey. I think exploring different areas and boundaries is a good way to connect concepts and needs.

The creativity process allows me to find new ways of doing things and prototyping, and finally to make the right decisions.

It is also a hands-on activity that reinforces learning skills.

Illustration Quality


I seek to create optimal quality software. This is accompanied by the pragmatic completion of many tasks such as naming, refactoring, low coupling, high cohesion, testing and maintainability.

As we work as a team, this helps create a common culture as well as a good developer experience. The code is thus malleable to future changes of scale or additions of functionalities.

I seek to constantly improve on this point, particularly through my learning of Design Patterns, Clean Architecture and Domain-Driven Design.